Friday, October 28, 2011

Calling a Snow Day

Snow!!  A couple days ago we were blessed with a snowstorm.  The boys of course couldn't wait to get in it.  I was a little hesitant . . it didn't really fit in our schedule for the morning,  what about school,  but I would have to get all the snow stuff out and outfit them and create a huge mess . . . . . Then I felt the nudge - Let them go out, let them enjoy the snow.  Well I learned something.  We have passed into a new season with kiddos, not only did I not have to get the older ones ready but they helped dress the younger ones too!  The kids ran out into the falling snowflakes grinning from ear to ear.   They rolled in the snow, made snow angels, made snowmen, had snowball fights . . .  At one point Titus came tearing through the house  - snow flying everywhere - and got a bowl from the kitchen.  He was jabbering the whole way but he was so excited I couldn't understand most of it.  After he got back outside I looked at the trail he had left and could only shake my head and smile but Hadassah loved it.  She ran from snow pile to snow pile squealing.  What a great day to call off school!  I think the kids played for almost 6 hours total throughout the day.

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