Friday, September 23, 2011

Where did the motivation go?

My husband is off to work and my day should be in full swing but instead I am sitting here on the couch already ready for a nap and feeling queasy.  There is so much to do . . . . Last night we had wonderful new friends over for dinner.  Complete kindred spirits.  Which of course meant we talked late into the night until our kids were falling asleep standing.  So today I start off already behind with last nights dishes to complete and a full day of new things to get done.  I will be gone most of the weekend taking the Appleseed Rifle Course.  So I need to have everything ready on the home front for mama being gone all day for two days ( I haven't done that before) and I have a consignment sale I take part in every six months which just happens to take off on Monday and I have nothing ready for.  (Not to mention school)
OH Motivation where are you?!  I suppose this could be a good time for me to prioritize and focus on what matters ;) Maybe a snuggle day with the kids reading aloud.  We will have to see what gets done.
 Thank you for listening to my ramble.

More pictures of our time in Idaho . . . .
While we were visiting the Loves we went to Priest Lake and had a picnic.  It was soo beautiful.

Then after going to a gun show, of course,  we went out for pizza (and took up three tables :)

We love you Loves! and miss you already!


Momma Bug said...


I love that last picture! If you ever get pictures printed up, could you get me a copy of that one? If it never happens, I'll live ;-D

Also... motivation.
I will reassure you of what you already know: it leaves with morning sickness.
It's dependable that way, and yes again, cuddle with those small hoodlums. This time will be gone too soon.

I love you dear sweet friend!

Zee said...

What fun pictures! I love to see you with the Love family because I love them too ;-) I couldn't resist that one, but it is true. Your two families seem to always have great adventures.

I very much like to see the kiddos all playing together (big and small). One day I hope to visit with you.


PS - you are becoming quite the photographer - the pic of Caleb and the rocket taking off was timed perfectly!

Momma Bug said...

Hey there mom! Couldn't you move your midwifing up THIS way?
I'll give you business.
That's assuming there's more coming.

Then we could adventure all together!

Pam... said...

Hi Courtney. I came to check out your blog since you came by mine. I see my friend Momma Bug and you know each other! Also, Idaho is one of my best friends home. Awesome. Your family is lovely. Enjoy your pregnancy. Every minute..the good and the difficult! Take care, Pam