Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Some Funnies

Life has been too busy to blog the last few days . . .
We have been in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Our family has unfortunately been under the weather while traveling as well.
There have been many moments that have brought a chuckle from me this week and I wanted to get them jotted down before I forget them ~ this memory of mine not being what it once was.

We spent Friday through Monday morning with the Bryants in Oregon and then headed to North Idaho to visit the Loves.  Our time with the Bryants was wonderful and very full.  One of their daughters was baptized, had a birthday and got her ears pierced while we were there.  It was a privilege to be there for some of her precious memory making.   When we went to get Brooklyn's ears pierced we passed a salon and Brooklyn asked, "Isn't that where we are supposed to go?"   " No," her little sister said confidently, "that is where they rip off your eyebrows." 
:D Not a bad description, if you ask me.
 Another little Bryant girl and Isabella became bosom buddies and when Sierra couldn't find Isabella she ran up and asked her mama if she knew where Jezebel was.  No matter the reminders Isabella was Jezebel for the rest of the weekend to her.  It was adorable.

We headed out Monday and along the way Titus pointed to a field of cows and said "LOOK, at those hippos"  " Well, honey, those are cows."  "Oh yeah, Cowses"
I am still not sure if he was teasing or had a lapse in memory.  Every once in a while you could hear "hipp-o-pottamus"  coming from the backseat.

When we stopped for lunch on the road, we ran into Safeway (hoping to avoid fast food) and then ate in the parking lot.  Titus was still sitting in the cart and he accidentally dropped his sippy cup.  "It did not break! It is plastic?"  (see this earlier post about his infatuation with plastic)  Stephen told him "yes, it is plastic".   Titus looked deep in thought then looked up at his daddy and asked, "I am plastic?"
NO, you are not plastic, and don't get any ideas!

Well . . see . . I can't remember all the funny things I wanted to remember . . . .

I will have to ask my honey.  I am hoping to get pictures downloaded tonight.


Rebecca C. Fowler said...

Oh funny!!! I laughed out loud all to myself!!! I love that!!!

Thanks for the post :)

Grace McHugh said...

Yep, that eyebrow comment made me laugh at loud.

Kimberly said...

Soooo glad that we got to spend those funny moments together! You're already missed!