Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 1 of Our Vacation

So much to blog . . .

Yesterday I am not counting as the first day of our vacation because it was a looonnngg day of driving and Hadassah was not a happy traveler :(
Lunch on the road
Today, however, was a glorious day of soo much fun and fullness.  I have no idea how I could fit on here all that we did.

We went to the Farmer's Market in Boise this morning.  The kids having been buzzing with anticipation about going.  When we lived here we would often go every week.

They got balloon creations.

And the real reason they wanted to go  . . . .

was the fountain.

This was Hadassah's first experience being big enough to play in the fountain.  Everyone was so excited to involve her and a little too excited to get her wet.  She was a good sport though and LOVED it.

My husband handed my camera to my mom and said let's run through the fountain.  I should have known better!  Let's just say I got much wetter than my husband. 

Lunch at Guido's - our favorite pizza place in Boise.
Chasing Grandpa on their dirt bike (we get to bring it home this time :)
 The kids love grandma and grandpa!  They have missed them the last nine moths.  Before that we all lived together. 
Grandma's Ridiculously large and bountiful garden - I did not inherit her green thumb

Caleb rough housing with Grandpa

Watching Tangled to cool down

so they could be ready to play hard again ~
 Titus was napping earlier when Grandpa had the bike out, so Grandpa graciously took the bike out again.

This one is for my Mom

Papa relaxing
Well I should go to bed - this is just a small portion of our day.  I didn't include two trips to the soccer fields to play frisbee, naps, dress-up, water fights, saving the world, sampling treats, purchasing 50 lbs. of peaches (for canning tomorrow), and harvesting and working in the garden. . . . .

What a day!  and tomorrow is my birthday :)
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Grace McHugh said...

First..........happy birthday to you!!!! What a great gift.........getting to be with your parents for your birthday. may not have inherited that green thumb, but you also live in a state with tons of clay and too much wind and not enough moisture. Enjoy that garden and take more pictures of it. It has me drooling. Have a wonderful time!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! Be blessed :) Enjoy your trip and hopefully we'll see you shortly after your return. Love you all! :) Amanda