Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Treasuring the Memories

Driving Back to Idaho

We were so excited to see our friends the Loves!  They were incredibly gracious hosts even when we found that we were under the weather our second day there.  The kids were off adventuring most of the time we were there.  Our first night, after we put the kids to bed, Stephen and I snuck off to the teeter-totter in the moonlight.  A lot of giggling ensued (mostly on my part) after we figured out that I had to sit on the end and Stephen had to sit pretty much on the bar :)  This is not a regular ole teeter-totter mind you - when you are up it is about 8 feet high.

Breakfast on the First Morning at the Love's

Our children were soooo dirty the whole week. 

Our Sick Little Ones

Lunchtime - and to think this is only half our kiddos

Our Home Away From Home

Our Beautiful Babies
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Momma Bug said...

Wow. You made that look pretty good.
Nice pictures!

We do dirt here.
That's a fact.

I'm so glad you came:-)

Unknown said...
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Stephen said...

We love the dirt and would not have it any other way. How else are boys supposed to grow? It does not stunt girls growth either.

Evans Family said...

You guys have the most beautiful family. That trip looked like a blast. Congratulations on the new little one comming, I can't wait to hear some details. Love you guys!!!

Zee said...

Oh, I love the pictures, they are all so good. I very much like the last one with all the children - a beautiful bunch for sure!