Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Scientific Process

Too Cute

Our packing is done, the house is clean, the kids are in bed - We are ready :)
Tomorrow morning we head out on our trip.  Preparing for this trip has gone so smoothly.  We started Monday and just did a little everyday. 

Caleb's sniper position for nerf gun wars

The peanut has figured out how to build with blocks

And now for the science experiment . . .
This morning Titus pointed to a mason jar on the counter and asked, "This is glass?"
Seeing a learning opportunity I said, " Yes that is glass, it can break so you have to be careful."
Titus' wheels are turning as he stares at the glass, then he points at a plastic cup and asks, "This is glass?"
"No honey, that is plastic, it doesn't break."
"Oh, ok this is glass", as he points at the jar, "and this is plastic" as he points at the cup.
"Yes that is right."
"Plastic doesn't break Mama, Here I SHOW you." 
Then Titus picked up the full cup of water and flung it on the floor as I got a no halfway out of my mouth.  Water poured and splashed across the floor as Caleb broke into giggles.  Titus looked up at me in a satisfied way ~ "see mama, it didn't break"
Except that it did - LOL - the cup split all around the bottom

But we are not done with our experiment yet.
An hour later, I was doing Bible time with the kids and Titus went into the kitchen.  A few minutes later I heard a loud thunk then Titus came running out of the kitchen with the mason jar ~ " Mama, the glass didn't break!"
  So what do we learn from this - Mama knows nothing!

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Momma Bug said...

You win some, you lose some :-D

Can't wait to see you!