Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two Little Lines

 Two little lines can make your heart leap ~
 Two little lines can fill you with so much thankfulness~
Amazement that despite all your imperfections
as a mama God has blessed you with another life
Two little lines can change all your plans~
Two little lines can make you rethink ~
What are we going to be doing
and where are we going to be in nine months
Two little lines can make children giggle~
Two little lines can make them jump for joy~
Another sibling :D
Oh mom, we need a new car!
Two little lines, no matter how many times you have seen them
can still fill me with Awe.

My head and heart have been so full since yesterday afternoon.  I bought a test not really thinking I was pregnant but just in case . . .
I went to take the test and it showed positive right away.  WOW!  I was not expecting that.  I feel so overwhelmingly thankful. 


Amanda said...

What a wonderful poem of the beauty of it all! Love it! YOu ought to turn it in to Above Rubies... Tell Mr. Bailey Happy Birthday from us! The Espinoza's

Jen said...

Hello! Congratulations! How fun. Keep in touch, we need to set a date to see you. I created a blog; thanks for your encouragement: