Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just What a Lazy Susan is For


Momma Bug said...

What impresses me is how you can have an empty cupboard just waiting to be climbed into!

I have to admit that storing Hadassah's wouldn't have been the first I imagined using that space for!

Shows how short-sighted I am :-)

Grace McHugh said...

I would love to open my cupboard and find such a cutie in there. So does the empty cupboard imply that is a packed away cupboard? :)

Zee said...

I can hear her say, "Spin me mommy, spin me!"

Courtney said...

Actually she says, "Bailey, Bailey, spin me!" ;-)
It is not a packed away cupboard (I haven't been able to get to the kitchen yet for packing). It kind of became the baby cupboard so I don't keep much in there.
Analene - you so make me giggle :-D