Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tea parties

 My little girls love tea parties, especially with their papa.  Back when I bought Isabella her first tea set I was so excited to sit down and have our first tea party together.  Well, my honey beat me to it and low and behold when I went to have a tea party with her I found she already knew the Best way to have her tea.  "Look mama you are supposed to pick up your cookie and dunk it in your tea, that is the way papa does it"  :D 

We had a surprise this week, Stephen had an MRI of his shoulder and he does NOT need surgery.  While it is very inflamed, it is not retorn.  Stephen is so thankful!  Thank you for praying!
On another note, our little peanut went to an orthopedic surgeon this week and is going to need to wear leg braces at night.  It will make for some rough nights at first because she will have a bar connecting her feet but the doctor is hopeful she will only need to wear them for a few months.  We should start using them tomorrow night and we will see how it goes.


Zee said...

What a fabulous tea party. I am sorry to have missed it, but Papa is a wonderful host. Maybe Miss Isabella will be the hostess of a party for me when I arrive ;-) I am loving you all! Grandma Twinkles!

Zee said...

The Lord's blessings be upon you all. His mercies are new every morning!