Thursday, April 26, 2012

Celebrating with Friends

I was so very blessed to celebrate with dear friends our soon to be born baby and my friend Deborah's new baby girl.

The ladies at our church gave us a wonderful baby shower :)  Deborah and I actually had a baby shower together 2 years ago.  She said," so should we plan this in another two years?"  :O   Gave me panic for a minute in all honesty.
 I was very blessed by all these dear ladies.  Thank you so much!
There was way too much yummy food!
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Momma Bug said...

And I wasn't even invited...

I was thinking of you this evening though, and called.
Then Stephen called me back and told me your water broke!
I'm praying for you friend. I will rejoice with you when you're holding that precious baby in your arms :-)


2010Aimee said...

Stephen and Courtney,

I have been praying for you and Gabric. Glad to hear that he is doing better and he is HOME! Love the both of you very much :)


2010Aimee said...

Courtney I keep forgetting to leave you my e-mail address.

Write when you can. I usually check my e-mail every other day.

Talk to you later!

Aimee :)