Thursday, March 22, 2012

Discovering Our First Born

I was taking a walk down memory lane

Stephen and I got married planning on waiting to have children.  We were told by everyone that you have to wait a few years to have children to build a foundation in your marriage.  So we did what we thought was responsible at the time and did what we could to prevent getting pregnant. 

After we were married for a few months we had a quiet evening working around our little home and with a slip of a hand our wedding glasses were broken.  I found myself bursting into tears.  What was wrong with me!  Stephen stood there looking at me compassionately and awkwardly giving me a pat on the shoulder.  I had a doctor's appointment the next day and Stephen tactfully suggested that maybe I should just have them give me a pregnancy test - just in case. 
      The next day I sat in the doctor's office laughing at the idea that I could be pregnant - I had told the doctor like Stephen said but of course I wasn't . . .
Then the doctor walked in and said " Well you are" 
And I replied " no, I am not, I just had you take the test in case."
 She said " No, I mean I ran the test and you are pregnant" 
   I could never fully describe the feelings I had that day.  I walked home from the doctors giggling the whole way.  I sat around our home and then paced and sat and then paced - waiting in anticipation for Stephen to come home.  I plotted all the ways I was going to tell him.  How could I surprise him?!  After many ideas I decided to hide the pregnancy test in the cabinet and when he came home weary and ready for a rest I would send him to the cabinet to get a plate while I would get the food.  
Well he came home, wiped out and grungy, having worked a good man's day of hard labor.
 I threw open the door to him, gave him a hug and said "come in, come in let me get you a snack!" 
" W e l l   l e t  me take off my boots ", He drawled.  by now I am hopping up and down in one spot about to explode.  " You can get the plate"  I said.   " Oh I w i l l   in a minute"  as he bent over and unlaced his other boot.  I could stand it no longer!  I bent at the waist so I was upside down , all my hair standing on end and looked at him and said "YOU ARE GOING TO BE A DADDY!"  
That brought a spark of life back into him :D   He jumped up and said  " I am?".  Then as I nodded my head he grabbed me around the waist and swung me in circles and we danced around the dining room.  I never will forget that moment.

Well, that baby is now 11! years old!  How time flies! We had a fun day celebrating our gift of him.
In our home one of the favorite birthday traditions is that the birthday boy/girl gets to pick all the meals of the day.  We had waffles with whipping cream, strawberries and blueberries for breakfast.  Chili for lunch (boy, do I have a story about his love of chili) and then a big adult size steak from Outback. 

WOW, look at that girl go ;)

Caleb's tank cake

Caleb got to pick out two picks from the Focus on the Family bookstore. (The one on the left is now ours till a later date and he gets to pick another- just a disclaimer)

Next post - what are those things he is holding and what did he turn them into?

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