Thursday, March 22, 2012

Almost There!

We are getting there . . really!  I am officially 33 weeks along and if I have my baby in my normal time frame I have 5 weeks to go!  In fact we are praying for that because in a huge answer to prayer my mama and daddy are flying here!  The "plan" is for my mama to deliver Gabric Hosea as long as he complies and it is in God's timing.
Just this week my nesting instinct kicked in *sigh*; it is a beautiful thing.
Things are getting scrubbed,purged and organized.
I even got my room rearranged today for baby :)
I am feeling HUGE but I have gained just my normal weight.
Stephen says this is my only pregnancy, other than Caleb's, where it is all in my belly though.
Not a bad thing to hear
One of my dear friends had her baby today and it is making me realize how soon it will be before mine is here.  She is my pregnancy/baby shower buddy.  We had our babies 2 years ago within 6 weeks of each other too.

Other catch up . . Hadassah is officially in a big girl bed.  We had one horribly no-good night and then it has been a breeze.  We had been finding her in the middle of the night in her sister's bed sleeping.  For some reason she decided she did not like her crib anymore and was waking up and crawling out.  After some discussion we decided this was not really a fight worth having when we could just have her trained to sleep in a big girl bed.  She does a great job.
For those of you who follow our difficulties with Stephen's shoulder - It came back out a few weeks ago.  This has been so hard on Stephen and the whole family.  Because he is in the middle of a medical discharge now they have decided to wait to perform another surgery until after he is out of the military.  That is big blessing in that he will get to see a civilian specialist but means he will be on major pain killers for the next 6 months and not fully functional.  Please be keeping him in your prayers.
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Zee said...

ok, so you made me cry! I love this story, and I love you!

2010Aimee said...

You are so adorable pregnant. I loved both of your stories. Praying that your mom gets to deliver your little boy and also praying for Stephen. Excited for the both of you w/ this new little blessing. Hope to hear from you soon. Do you have my e-mail? If not, your mom has it.

Love ya - Aimee :)