Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some Updates

Our garden has continued to be loved on.  These pictures are over a month ago.  The corn is now up to my chest and my tomato plant has 8 tomatoes on it.
Not bad for someone who is missing a green thumb :)

Running has been an adventure.
I ran consistently for three weeks and was looking forward to it each day . . then I injured my Achilles and have had to take a break while it heals.
We did figure out that it was my very old shoes. So now as soon as my feet/ankles are ready I have these new awesome shoes to help me along.
Stephen had me read Born to Run  and I understand so much more about what my stride should look like.
I have to say I can't wait to get back into the program.

My boys on the other hand are doing AMAZING!
They are running Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with their papa and actually are managing to keep up.
On Tuesdays they are doing the Incline (see picture below).
This is when they got back from running in a rainstorm -  by far their favorite run.

See that thin stripe up the mountain - that is the incline.
Last Tuesday the boys were able to make it up in less than an hour so they are making progress :)
The Incline as viewed from Highway 24

While my menfolk are gone on Tuesday mornings I get the youngest four all to myself :D
I am rediscovering just having the small crowd around.  We have been busy making sock puppets, coloring, reading books, acting out plays and any other sort of fun silliness you can think of.
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