Sunday, July 7, 2013

Camping 2013 - part 2

We have crammed too much fun into this week.  Sometimes that happens.
We ran from one thing to the next having a blast the whole way.
Now we just need to recover - the house has piles of laundry (both clean and dirty), sleep has been a little scarce, the cars definitely need to be cleaned out - but it was worth it.
I would do it again.

We camped on Wednesday and when we came home on Thursday we showered everyone (who all needed it desperately)  and ran around cleaning up our camping stuff as friends came over to discuss business opportunities.  Then we and our friends went to a Fourth of July party with most of our church family till the sun set.

Friday involved a lot of decision making for our business and trying to catch up on sleep.

Saturday we had another party, this time a birthday party (pictures to come).

Then today we got to fellowship with so many dear friends.

Now I sit here and think - what happened when we were camping again? :D

Gabric loved camping, though he came away from it with many "battle scars".
He had a hard time not tripping on all of the sticks and rocks, but he giggled the whole time.
He was not a big fan of night time.
He slept in my sleeping bag which is the norm when we go camping.
In fact I have the sleeping bag to beat all sleeping bags.
It is a KING size sleeping bag - as in it would cover the whole top of a king size bed.
I slept with three kiddos and had room to spare and we were the warmest, coziest of the bunch.

I asked everyone their favorite part of our camping trip and here they are:

Caleb - "All of it!"

Kadin - " exploring"

Bailey - When Kadin and I  walked to the main road while mom and dad packed up all of the camping supplies.

Hadassah - "The bears did not get us yet"

Titus - "when he found a giant rock that someone had painted a squid on it"
Now I wish I had a picture of it.  He found graffiti and really thought it was a giant squid.

Isabella - loved being rescued by her brothers (see below)

Isabella fell into a bog :( She was waist deep in black muck and said it felt like it was sucking her down.
Her brothers pulled her out and this is after a good scrubbing.

Smores are a necessity when camping but I have to admit I am not a fan of the clean up afterwards.

This is our "scrubbing" rock  - When it is time to get in our tent for the night each little one stands on the rock for getting cleaned up and is carried to their sleeping bags.

Stephen's favorite part was when we were all clean and tucked into our sleeping bags.
We read aloud for 2 hours while a thunder, lightning, and lots of rain storm went on around us.
We are still reading Brotherband Chronicles #2 - almost to the end.
Good Morning!

Love those blue eyes!


So Stephen and I were being super goofy.  The above picture was right before my honey broke out laughing :D
I love being with him so much.
Thank you Stephen for teaching me how to camp!
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Anonymous said...

I don't know which part I liked the best? Maybe the bears not getting you, or the giant squid, maybe Stephen being goofy, OR the reading in the rain. Yep, the reading for 2 hours and it was raining!