Sunday, July 22, 2012

Baby on the way!

But not mine ;)
Clayton and Vanessa are expecting!
Some of you will remember the beginning of this year when Vanessa ( Stephen's sister) lived with us and we had lots of wonderful wedding craziness. They are very excited and so are we.
Please be praying for Vanessa as she is suffering from all day morning sickness right now.
We spent the weekend at the ranch enjoying them both.
The kids loved the animals, especially the horses. Though we have a couple little girls who are not fond of dogs and we are working on that.
Uncle Clayton is the best. Both of my girls have loved him from the start.
I think they may be destined to marry cowboys ;) and if they are anything like Uncle Clayton that would be just fine with us.


Momma Bug said...

Congratulations Vanessa and Clayton!
Morning sickness is the pits, but it's pretty wonderful to have that sign of life :-)

Love you too Courtney. It would be fun to witness your babies coming that close together! :-D

Courtney said...

Analene - fun is not the word that comes to mind right this minute ;)
Though Caleb and Kadin are almost that close.