Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trials and God's abundant grace

Continuing our story of the last couple months . . .

I had started a post recounting more of what we have gone through and realized the focus was all wrong.

I want to be able to share how God has blessed us and shown us grace.

Gabric within a couple weeks was able to be off all meds and oxygen. He has grown into a chubby, very content baby. We are so blessed to have him in our family.
I was worried about him bonding because he was in the NICU and there was a day I couldn't even hold him. Instead he is such a mama's boy :D
He loves to snuggle and is all smiles whenever I make eye contact.

When we were going through the hardest time of the last few months ( I had hemorrhaged twice , had my milk dry up, brought my milk back in, got a breast yeast infection, all while trying desperately to teach my baby to nurse)
I went into my bedroom and looked down at my baby. My eyes filled with tears and as they ran down my face I told him " you are so worth it!!!! All the difficulty is like nothing compared to you".

And then in that quiet moment my heart felt God show me " and so are you".

I don't understand it but I am worth it to God. Not because of me but because of his love.
Despite all the trouble I am He loves me and sent His Son to save me.


Momma Bug said...

I think I need to hold him. Can you swing by for a cup of iced tea and a visit?


Missing you!

Courtney said...

That sounds glorious!
I wish I could.
Love you, Me

Zee said...

I love the way God is God, and He shows us "things", and how tremendous His love is for us through our trials. I love it too that you can hear His voice.

Loving and Missing you and all of your babies!