Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas in pictures

The last couple weeks have been so full.  We have put aside school and spent our time on scrumptious holiday crafts and play.  It has been such a blessed time and for us is still not over.  Stephen has the next couple weeks off and we get Papa time!

Hadassah was enthralled with our tree and the presents and thankfully she had no idea what the presents were so we had no attempts at opening them ;)

The kids made their yearly ginger bread houses which is always a favorite.

And to make for a very, very happy Papa - we had an overabundance of snow :)

Each year our little ones pick a siblings name out of a hat to shop for that year.  Then they get to open them Christmas Eve.  It is fun to see how well they know each other!

This Christmas Eve we tried making rag curls in Isabella's hair.  Well, it definitely worked, with some surprising results.  She and her daddy loved it though.  I didn't know if I would ever get it straight again :D

Christmas Morning

Those are some curls baby girl!

Time to open Stockings
The boys called Isabella "Shirley Temple" which made her day.

The biggest present of the day did not make it into pictures.  Caleb didn't have any presents under the tree.  And while he was ok with it and all smiles - it was for a specific reason.  After everyone opened their gifts Stephen pretended to be surprised that Caleb didn't have one under the tree, then after some hemming and hawing he pulled out the first clue to a scavenger hunt.  Caleb flew through them, faster then we thought he would, and at the end became the proud owner of his first rifle :D talk about a beaming young man.  He had been saving for 2 months to buy his own .22 while Stephen had been plotting and purchasing and modifying.  Now when he attends and works at Appleseed he will have his own rifle to work with.

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2010Aimee said...

I bet Caleb was sooo excited. I would have loved to have seen his face at the end of the scavenger hunt. He is such a great boy. Aaron talks about him often.

Zee said...

The pictures are great, thank you. I loved experiencing Christmas with you through Skype!!!!! So MUCH FUN! I love you all!

Mylena said...

Adorable pictures!!!! Ashley and I just tried the rag curls in our hair and mine turned out really curly!