Friday, December 9, 2011

My Liitle Girl turned 5

How can it be that my little girl is now 5 years old!

This is the moment she opened her pink pocket knife. She knew she was getting it and had been talking about it for weeks. 5 years old is the magic number in our home to get your own pocket knife and she told Papa about a month ago that hers of course needed to be pink.

She got to use it right away to open her present from Grandma Twinkles :)

. . . which was a Beautiful tea set that she loves!

Our family is very much a board game family and Isabella is still not quite able to play most of them so she got her own game.

Then what girl's birthday would be complete without a manicure and pedicure? This was the first time she painted her own nails and because it is her birthday and because it came in a nail kit - she got to paint her nails blue :/ which she had been wanting to do for her brothers.

She did a pretty good job  :-)

I am loving having big boys to blow up balloons now!

Happy Birthday baby girl!!

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Zee said...

What a beautiful princess she is! Do all princesses have a pink pocket knife? Hugs to my little angel! Love, Grandma Twinkles