Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our Idaho Trip 2013 - part 1

We got to visit Grandma Twinkles and Grandpa!!
It was a quick trip - only 6 days with 2 of those driving - but so worth it.

Gabric was such a trooper and maybe fussed 20 minutes of the 15 hours there.
The van was great.  I couldn't believe the difference.
I could even go sit in the back in the middle of the kids to read to them and play with them.

We listened to Lamplighter books on audio ( I am a huge fan).
Some from this trip -
Teddy's Button
Charlie's Choice
The Boy of Mount Rhigi
Hedge of Thorns

A Quick stop at Little America for Ice Cream

We finally arrived!

The time flew while we were there.  We crammed in ~ snuggles and walks, fountains and frisbee, mama/daughter dates and farmers markets.
We celebrated my mama's 60th birthday :D with cheesecake that she made for Stephen.
Notice how much Gabric loved the water - look at that face

Grandpa and Grandma  - we miss you already!
Only two of their grand babies missing - My sister's little ones.
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Momma Bug said...

Those are AWESOME pictures of your folks Courtney! Love them.