Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Garden

It is modest, I know, but to us it is just heavenly :)  We have not been able to have a garden in a few years due to moving in the middle of the summer - every year.
We repurposed an old coffee table after some brainstorming.

We took off the top, poked holes in the bottom and then put screen in to keep the dirt from leaking out.

I have some pretty ecstatic kiddos.  Caleb planted corn, Kadin planted sweet peas, and Bailey planted watermelon.

My tomato, yellow peppers and lemon cucumbers.

The girls decided they really just wanted pretty flowers - pink of course :)
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Anonymous said...

Very creative! I love the garden. The children will enjoy watching the fruits of their labor ;-)

Jen said...

I loved that coffee table, but it makes a good garden, too! I'm spoiled this year, as Micaiah and Teran volunteered to do a garden so I wouldn't have to. Awesome! (I did retain the right to give advice, though!)