Saturday, March 30, 2013

Goodbye Army - Hello Papa's Guns

Another Big Announcement
My honey, after 10 years is OUT of the army.  His last day to report in was February 14th.
Our journey to this point kind of makes my head spin.  When Stephen and I got married (almost 13 years ago) I gave him two ultimatums
1. No more college - (we made it 15 months before he was back in college for business/history)
2. No joining the military - I mean really! how could I survive that


Isn't it funny how God has totally different plans for you than you do for yourself.  How we could not fathom all that he has for us and it would in fact terrify us if we knew those plans sometimes.  And yet in the end (and the beginning and during) God knows best.

Our journey with the military began in 2003 when we had two baby boys.  Stephen was going to school and Caleb was almost 2 and Kadin was about 6 months.
I had both the boys down for a nap and was reading a book when from out of the blue I heard in my head-
Stephen is going to join the military and you will be fine.

God, if you are putting this on my heart, ok, we will do it . . . .
but I am not bringing it up! You have to tell him.

Well , 2 weeks later, while in church, Stephen leaned over and whispered " I think I am supposed to join the military"
I leaned back and whispered "I know"
He almost fell out of his chair.

6 days later he flew to Denver and signed a contract at MEPS

I survuived, just like I heard that very first day I am fine.  I am a different person than I was that day.
I have been stretched and changed through 5 states, 10 moves, 3 DEPLOYMENTS, and 5 more children.
I am here to say that through all that there was one constant -

He was there every step of the way, caring for me, teaching me, comforting me, sustaining me, holding me together when it felt like I was falling apart.

What comes next . .

More on that to come . .

But whatever adventure we do next I know we will be fine because God is faithful.

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Anonymous said...

He is faithful, and He is all we need. When we are weary, tired, hungry, overwhelmed, happy, excited, rejoicing, and all the phases between, He is always with us.

He will be with you no matter what comes next.

Thank you for sharing a piece of your story! I love you all ;-)

Grandma Twinkles