Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Creepy Kitchen

The other morning I was walking into my kitchen when suddenly the drawers began to suddenly open and close all by themselves.  I stopped and stared for a minute.  The first seconds of which I thought I must be in the twilight zone; then the last seconds trying to figure out how one of my kids was doing it.  I did a head count and noticed all my big boys were busy in the kitchen doing chores.  When I pointed out the drawers to the boys they actually looked at it for the first couple minutes like what is wrong with that!  Anyway you will have to watch the video to find out the culprit :-D


Caitlin Baughman said...

That's Hilarious!!! Wow! That would've scared me!

Momma Bug said...

That's pretty funny!
Do you think she gets training from her big brothers, or is that original invention?
I like the pizza fun too Courtney - you are very brave. I may try that one day... maybe :-D

I miss ya.
Coming soon!


Courtney said...

Analene, I am soo super excited to see you! I think this was all Isabella's original idea. Her boys seemed a little miffed that they had not thought of it before :D
Love you