Saturday, September 29, 2012

Old Friends

Life has been so busy the last month - just full of life - and people we love <3
We were so blessed to have dear friends visit, my parents visit and Stephen's sister and little ones.
Not all at the same time of course ;)
Anyway as I was thinking of our dear friends today ( that would be you, Analene :)
I took a walk down memory lane . . .



5 more kids, including a little Love baby still in the womb

We so appreciate you dear Love Family and are thankful for your friendship!

 (click on their name to enjoy her blog) 
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Momma Bug said...

Oh what dear times!
How do the children multiply like that?! Look at them though... all keepers :-)

Thinking of and missing YOU friend. I'm so glad you're having a great school year and blessed family and home. Can't wait to see you!