Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today we began a thankfulness tree for this month.  I printed out a leaf template and the kids cut them out and wrote what they were thankful for on each leaf.  I would not want you to get the wrong impression though.  We did not have a cheery day filled with crafts.  It was a rough morning. When we sat down to do Bible time and worship I felt like I was correcting more than we were accomplishing any worship.  I sat there feeling defeated and wondering how to turn the time around when I felt the nudge to just worship in a different direction.  So, we spur of the moment made a tree on our wall.

I asked the kids to think about what they were thankful to God for and then write them down.  Just being thankful can be an act of worship.  We cut out more leaves so that we can add more on each day as they think deeper about what they have to be thankful for.  So our fall tree will act in reverse and gain leaves ;)

Craft time does make a horrible mess sometimes though.

This afternoon the kids made a fort in our dining room.  I think the boys are planning on sleeping in it tonight.  Pillows and blankets are already set up :)

As for Peanut, the minute she saw it, she had a different thought for what it was for. . . . .

it was of course for climbing.

Caleb jerry-rigged a cannon from an older hamper.  Just what a fort needs for it's look out.

Trying to find a snack in the pantry

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Zee said...

So, I don't know which is more amusing - all of them under the table looking like the little angels that they are, or Dassah on top of the table with her big grin?!

I love your honesty, and your ability to recognize that you need to do something positive when your control over life, including Bible Time, seems to be falling apart.


Still Voice Photography said...

i miss you all

2010Aimee said...

Great teaching moment! You are very creative. Love the pics of the kids.
Miss all of you!